my fav games

HI  readers  from  all over the world  i am writing about my fav games and how this will work is that i will write  3  of my fav games  and talk about it   like the  rules and  how you can  get it ,what  skins or  weapons .

OK  in first  place is  call of duty  black ops 4  is a   role playing  game  that  you can play online mode and just  play offline  mode   and chill out with friends  and or if you dont just play with bots so you can get good so you can flex  on any one .NOW lets talk about  the skins and  weapons . ok skin names  rein , ajax, battery ,recon ,crash  and amny more.  NOW  in number 2  fortnite  i haave nothing  to take about . 3  is apex i play it alot when i am not playing fortnite.

the doble decker coach

Hi, I am writing about the double decker couch from the Lego movie.

The double decker couch is a couch that was made by Emmet so he can impress wild style   the girl that he likes.  so, the double decker couch is a couch that is four feet tall and it has two couches on it.  the cool thing about it is that he used it to fight in the first and second movie and the reason why he used it to fight so he can fight lord business  and the cute things in the second movie.


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Hello reader  i am  writing about a day i want to relive .THE reason i am writing  this is because  two days ago we did a quick write  about this so i want to share  what  a day  i want  to relive .

The  day i want to  relive  is my birthday . the reason why i chose this because  it was really fun  to have  friends over and  play games with my friends .  so what happend at my party was that i  had  3 friends over  two  of them   had a swich  and me and the other kid played on ps4.Then we got board and went outside so we went on my  trampoline  and i fell off it and i bumped  my head   on wood    and i coulnd not see for one min .


hello reader i am writing about minecraft.

minecraft is a sand box game made by  Mojang. the game was aclluy made by marces “notch” persson  in the  java programing  langue .there is lots of mods like bed wars and nuke wars that all i know. but my friends always play it  like  one of them plays  on 3ds  and the  other plays on  tablet. that is cool.      i find it cool that minecraft  reasled  lots of different   ones  for  every  year . i can list  some but not all because that will be really long  . so one of them is dugan  quast  and many more.   that is it   thanks for reading

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fortnite the new season

hi i am writing about fortnite the new season.  fortnite   has a new season called zero pint if you played fortnite when the zero pintr came out in season 5 chapter 1.fortnite is a game on concle ,pc and andoirde .fortnite has  bosses that are really tough like  madorling and now the   pedader  they will kill you if they see you.  so get weapons  and health so you ddont get  smoked out  of the ring . there si a storm  and it gets more    powerful  .

it is really fun and i play it every time  i am  on my play saiton . i have lots of skins  like   maidis and many more  . i all ways get wins and i  lose soome times but it is really good

my fav game

APEX IsMy favorite game is apex legends . it’s really fun I played it once you times and I always can play it when I have chunks on my PlayStation.  I just want I just want to buy  skins. I like the game is my main except Fortinte that’s my second man. I personally like it but there’s some bugs and glitches I found one glitch with me that was when you shoot a bunch when you shoot people in the head they don’t die for example with a sniper. if you knock them but it does not .but for tonight you can do that under win and get the cow I just love how their special glitches actually glitched under the world w I mean I’m in the main servers  they always say I’m playing this game when I’m not .apex is rated 10 and up cause of cartoon violence  .  the end

period [NF1]


my fav youtubers

HI  i am  writing  my favorite youtubers. in this blog i will write about 6 different  youtubers.

The first youtuber is peppa pig parodies .This youtuber makes memes from a kids cartoon  named peppa pig. peppa pig was made  and realsed  on march 31  2004.  The second one is fgteev . they are a gaming channel. the games they play are roblox ,hello neighbor ,and they do many more . Roblox was made  and relased  setmber 1 2006 .The third one is think noddles .he is a youtuber that uses emjios  and he is a other  gaming  youtuber  . The games that he playes is amoung us ,roblox  and other games . There will be a video for one  of the youtubers i know at the end .the fouth one is collins key , he is a youtuber  that does chanlges and d.i.y.s .The fith one is top five gaming . they are a fortnite channel  that give people leaks and imformation for that game .the last but not least is mr top five. He caches gold digers and plays fortnite.




what i got for xmas

hi i am writing about what i got for xmas . i got some books  deepfake ,the clever teens guide to world war 2,2021 game on ! ,and  diary of a wimpy kid  the deep  end . i got a Nerf  gun  name is cw clone shock . i got a water bottle and it is blue  and I got candy but no Doritos  I asked for Doritos  and I did not get😭 .  I got sock and Lego and  a bag for school  and a blanket. and 1 more thing is wireless  headphones

this is  the exact  same pare I have


i am righting about a game that i play most of the time i play it more than fornite but this ew season of fortnite is cool and apex is 2s as  better than fortnite i think that at least.apex is really pouarl because it is more fun than fortnite no ofesn people that play it  i like apex it is really fun you get to play with three people and you fight people all around the world and it is a chanle to get the vitery but  if you have the right squad you can win  apex came out one year after fortnite came out and now ok go wikapda and look up apex leanges.

gun mayhem 2

hi readers i am writing about gun mayhem on tyrones unbloked games.gun mayhem 2 is a fighting game that you fight bots and chosse your skin.i have not beat the invesablle man he is really hard   i need help by my friend but it is a fun game  but i play mini roaly  i  have four wins and played  52 times  last i cheked  but i have not  played in four days  here is the link so you can play now you mest be bordedout of your  mind but now  here is the link