end of year blog

hi i am AIDEN and i am a grade seven student  and i am going to grade 8 next year so i am going to have a really hard if coived does not go away anytime soon . but lets put that in the back  and talk what i like bro .so i really like playing baseball right now because when i was in 5th grade  and a i allways play four square  when not playing baseball . ok i told you what i do when i am in school so now is time for what i play when i am not in school so i mostly play this game called fortnite  and now i am playing cod 4 so if you  lived under a rock for your intire life  cod stands for call of duty  .  you mate be asking what is call of duty so call of duty is a shotting game  that people  like and it is somme what based off some wars .

ok i talked to munch about what i do  i have to talk about the challeges that i faced this year . so the challenges that i have faced was  my school work and  just work like  my inter  year of work and it is really hard for me to do work .

so challenges that i will face is  that  i am  a bit behind in my grades  and i my not do that well but i will give it my all

i have learn some munch liike  the anict peoples  and math yay  i love math   achley  i like it   that is it

my meme blog

hi readers  i know  i have not posted in a well so here is a fresh blog  .  so in this blog i will   write about  a meme i found on the internet  and i will write my thought on it . so in joy this post .

so  this meme  is  a thing we can all  relate to because  we all went in quarantine  in 2020 cause of cases  and  in  2019   when  the vires was found around the world   so we all can relate to this meme.

  get it guys   because  when we all went to  quarantine  and went back to school  and no one came  but you and a couple people  in  school  came back . so i found this really funny when i was reading this meme  i love the tv show and  how it realts to  school  . we all love memes

this is a blog  by Aiden


i am bored

What is poping readers  i have not posted in a well  so here you guys are .

so i am writing about    what is my spirit  animal   .

so  when  i look up  the  spirit  animals for people  named  aiden and there  is nothing so i am doing what i think .  so  i have  i good one which is a armadillo , so  the reason why i think that is because they are  really  deffince if  so am i      did you know  armadillo  is spancie  for little armored one  for more info click here https://www.livescience.com/52390-armadillos.html

my meme post for today

what is  up everybody   today i am board and  people  are not reading my postest i being  doing so  this a going to make all  of you latgh .

the first one is baby you makeing  a joke

this is funny when i looked  for  memes for you i found this

number two it is a dog that is siting in fire   my teacher will love this  meme because he cares  about  qide 19   three more memes  i hpoe you like  them this is really funnny to me . ok one more  this  is funny

my wish list for my birthday

YO squad   i am writing about  my wish list for my birthday .

MY birth day is in 1 and a half  mouths  so i am writing  this so i will rember  what i want for my birthday. so what i want for my birthday  is the iphone 8  that costs right now when i am writing this  on bust buy . the other  thing i want is  the frotnite crew bundle  becaus eevery mounth is a crew  pack so on my birth day .now the last itme is plastoin 4 pro. but when i do get those  i will blog about  it


Hi, I am writing about Minecraft. Minecraft is a sand box  game made by Microsoft if you don’t know what Microsoft is it a   company  that has made teams and  it owns xboxs .

In Minecraft, you can make anything like a roller coaster or a parkour race for your friends  or for the big raggers on Minecraft.

There is lots of modes to this game; like bed wars or the mode  that makes you really big or really small and the mode  that makes the  things on the Island big or  really strong   . NOW lets talk   about  the glitches  in this game that I know of . There is a  glitch that makes lava  comes out of no where   or the  glitch that makes  you die  for some reason . Resources that  I used was Google  and Wikipedia

type of gameing pc i would use

Hi reader I  am bloging about a type of gaming  pc  I would use to play video games on .

The gaming pc i would use  if i can get it at black friday is brole  the

HP ProDesk 600 G2 SFF Desktop

on the best buy website  it cost  on sall  $540   wow that is  maybe  6 mouths of my money i get from my mom  .what would i do i ask my self  inside my head  so i take a couple minits and think i would  try to get fortnite and amoug us  and  the things i need  for school if we go to qore tine  fro a couple mouths because in  march last year  we had toqoreateen and i did noot have i coumpter  back then  so that si it every body  hope you invuded readinfg this have a great day . here is a link to best buy  https://www.bestbuy.ca/en-ca/product/gaming-pc-hp-prodesk-600-g2-sff-desktop-intel-core-i5-3-2ghz-16gb-ram-256gb-ssd-500gb-hdd-new-nvidia-gt1030-win-10-pro-refurbished/14316905


my fav games

HI  readers  from  all over the world  i am writing about my fav games and how this will work is that i will write  3  of my fav games  and talk about it   like the  rules and  how you can  get it ,what  skins or  weapons .

OK  in first  place is  call of duty  black ops 4  is a   role playing  game  that  you can play online mode and just  play offline  mode   and chill out with friends  and or if you dont just play with bots so you can get good so you can flex  on any one .NOW lets talk about  the skins and  weapons . ok skin names  rein , ajax, battery ,recon ,crash  and amny more.  NOW  in number 2  fortnite  i haave nothing  to take about . 3  is apex i play it alot when i am not playing fortnite.